Monetize your spreadsheet database with no code

Upload your spreadsheet and set a price. Sit back and watch the income roll in.

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Sell access on your terms

Set an annual and monthly subscription price for customers to access your valuable data.

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Unlock a unique URL

Choose and share a unique URL for your PageDatabase.

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Monitor your income and subscribers

View how much you make and monitor growth overtime.

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How it works

All you need is your CSV spreadsheet.



Upload your CSV file: Upload your cleaned CSV file and PageDatabase will begin provisioning your Database.


Connect your payment: Fill out your price and payout methods using our connection with Stripe.


Publish your Database: You'll get a unique URL to your PageDatabase. You're now ready to start accepting customers.

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Why not self host your database?

You may have thought about uploading your data to Google sheets and manually selling access. With PageDatabase, we manage access, payments, rules, communication and more.

You won't have to worry about revoking access for subscribers that haven't paid, setting up annual or monthly subscriptions instead of a one-time payment, collecting emails, or creating a custom URL.

  • Collect recurring payments
  • No code needed
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Your data, your brand

You can customize your unique URL after your database has been uploaded. All PageDatabases come with a URL that you can share and use on your landing pages to convert customers.

  • Your own URL
  • No code needed
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Tap into hidden revenue

Unlock the powerful earning potential behind your database. After uploading and activating your connection with Stripe through us, you can view and monitor the growth of your subscription base over time.

  • View subscribers
  • Monitor income
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Straightforward pricing that scales with your business.


$ 19 USD / monthly

Basic plan for those who are just starting out.

  • Unlimited databases
  • Unique URL
  • 5,000 subscribers
  • 5% commission
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Most popular


$ 29 USD / monthly

All the basics + more features.

  • Unlimited databases
  • Unique URL
  • 10,000 subscribers
  • 4% commission
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$ 49 USD / monthly

Everything you need for a growing business

  • Unlimited databases
  • Unique URL
  • 25,000 subscribers
  • 3% commission
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Your questions, answered

Answers to the most frequently asked questions.

PageDatabase takes a fee on subscriptions which does not include Stripe fees. If you have a product for $25 a month, PageDatabase has a 5% fee and Stripe has a 2% fee, the total fee will be 7%, which is $1.75 in fees subtracted from your total amount.