Not Allowed:

1.   Please do not submit your website post or any content.

2.   You can only submit your website once in a day.

3.   You cannot submit any Adult website link. This includes all Sexually explicit content like pornography is not allowed. Any website link conatining Adult       content will be remove and permanent ban on our database. We will also submit your website link to blacklist and report your website to authorities.


1.   You can only submit you Website Name & Website Link. Make sure to submit your website in the right Category.

2.   You can only submit your website ONCE in a Day.

Things to Remember

1.   We are not promise/gurantee you for the traffic to your website OR your website will be on FIRST or SECOND on any search engine. We just help Search       Engines and Others to see your website in our database. BOTS will see the website and contents, this will give you an advantage of better SEO for your       website.

2.   Every website link clearly visible to Search Engines. We recommend you to submit your website once in a day. In this way your website contents update in       our system regularly . Keep hitting your site in our system means better SEO of your site.

3.   NO Login / NO Sign Up Process for submit your site.

4   We do not offer SEO Services to anyone.

5.   If you think your website mistakenly submitted here OR somone else submitted your website and NOW you want to remove your website link from our       database then Please Report to us. We will remove your website in 2-4 Business Days.

6.   If you permanently want to delete your website from our database then please write to us from your Domain Email. We will not consider any request       other then your domain email.

7.   If you cannot submit your website then maybe because you requested your website to permanently or temporarily BAN from our system. If your website       Temporarily BAN then wait for 24 hours then you can submit your website. If your site permanently BAN then please Report from your domain email and       we will UNBAN you.

8.   At this moment, We cannot tell Analytics report of your site.

9.   If your purchase the domain and you are in the development process of your website you can submit your website but make sure to choose the right       category first time.

10. This Service is completely FREE. If anyone ask donation or anykind of MONEY related process from our name, we suggest you to please stay away from       them. Please don't do that. This service is completely FREE. We never and will not ever ask donation or any money related details. We never ask money       from anyone for using this service. Please Stay safe. Report to the consent authorities and Report to us!

11. Please do not post any personal Email, Passwords, Bank details or anything which is related to your personal property. You can only submit your website       Link. We will not responsible if you lost your accounts or rob in this way.

12. We strongly suggest you NOT submit Adult sites or anykind of Sexual Explicit material. We will BAN you and report your website to major Search       Engines

13. One Algorithm, Submit your website once in a day. Your contents automatically updates in our system. Spike Algorithm and that's it.

14. Response from your queries will usually take 2-4 Business days at your given address. We apologize for delay response, this is because of getting a large       volume of queries per day.